Pros Cons Realistic Dildos

The Pros & Cons of Realistic Dildos

“Realistic or Not?” is a hotly debated topic in the world of sex toys, especially among dildo lovers. There are many people who love realistic dildos and just as many who prefer sex toys that aren’t anatomically correct. If you’re on the fence, these pros and cons of realistic dildos are just what you need to make up your mind.

Pros of Realistic Dildos

  • Looks and feels like a real penis for a more life-like experience
  • Serve as a substitute if you don’t currently have a partner
  • Helps you live out your fantasies about interracial sex or a famous partner

Cons of Realistic Dildos

  • Not shaped for optimal stimulation or comfort
  • Not suitable for alternative uses such as experimenting with anal
  • Can make your partner feel jealous or unappreciated