Sex Story - To Sensitive Men

«A mother must decide how best to help her son after a prom gone wrong.»

The house was dark and quiet as I lay on my bed, drawing lazy circles around my clit and kneading my tits, enjoying the slow build up to a satisfying orgasm when I heard Noah’s car pull into the driveway.

I stopped and glanced at the clock. It read 9:48 pm.

I froze and listened intently as I heard his keys jangle and he unlocked the front door. A few seconds later the front door closed and I heard Noah walk to the kitchen, open the refrigerator and heard the clink of a bottle being removed. The refrigerator door closed.

‘What was he doing home?’ I thought. It was Noah’s senior prom night and he shouldn’t have been home this soon. Hell, with all the arrangements I had made for him, he shouldn’t have come home until late tomorrow morning.

I lay there, completely naked on my bed, as I listened. After a minute or so I heard him set a bottle on the counter and then I heard him open the trash can and close it. As Noah was walking past my closed bedroom door I called out. “Noah?”

“Yeah, mom.” A pause, then. “Goodnight.” He said as he kept walking to his bedroom. Even if I had not been his mother, the hurt in his voice was unmistakable. I immediately forgot about my pending orgasm and got off the bed.

Reaching for my terry cloth robe I heard Noah’s bedroom door close, wondering what the hell happened to make my baby boy sound so… wounded. I knew he wasn’t physically hurt but the hurt in his voice broke my heart.

I slowly opened my bedroom door and looked in the kitchen seeing a half bottle of Corona beer on the counter. Out of curiosity I went to the trash can and opened it. Sitting on top was the strip of half a dozen condoms I had given Noah. They were all there, unused.

It was clear the evening had not gone the way Noah or I had hoped it would. Quietly, I walked to his bedroom. I stood for a few moments listening and all was quiet except for the faint sound of muffled sobbing. Noah was crying into his pillow. I softly knocked on his door twice.

“Noah, honey?” Silence. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t at least ask for permission to enter his room. Not this time. I opened his door and saw Noah, fully clothed in his brand new suit and face down on his bed.

“Noah.” I said sadly as I moved towards him. Noah quickly sat up on the side of his bed looking completely dejected. His eyes were red and had tracks of tears down his face as he sniffled and tried to wipe his face dry.

I sat down close to my son and wrapped my arm around his shoulder. “Honey, what’s wrong? What happened?” A look of genuine concern on my face.

Noah tried to speak but he choked off a sob and was silent for a moment as his eyes welled up with fresh tears. His face was the picture of bottomless sorrow. I was rubbing his back, giving him time to compose himself.

“Jennifer left the prom with another guy…” he managed to say before he broke down crying again. I pulled him close and let him sob into my shoulder.

“Shh, shh, shh. It’s alright, baby. I’m here. Mommy’s here.” Noah’s crying intensified and I hugged him tighter. Eventually, Noah cried himself out although I continued to embrace him. Softly he said. “Mom, am I gay?” His voice cracked, threatening to bring on another round of tears.

I smiled although he couldn’t see me do that. “Why would you think you’re gay, baby?” I asked.

Noah lifted his head and looked at me. “Well, I don’t know… people at school keep calling me gay. I think even Jennifer thinks I’m gay.” He paused. “Maybe I am.” He had the saddest face that I could ever remember.

I took his face in both hands and looked intently into his watery eyes. “Noah, honey. Do you think you’re gay?” There was uncertainty written on his face as he answered with a quiet “No.” Although, it sounded as if he wasn’t sure if he had given the right answer. It broke my heart to see such self-doubt in my only child.

Noah has been my everything since I got knocked up at 15 by your garden variety asshole. Life had been hard at times but I always had Noah and he always had me. I have never lost the feeling that it was he and I against the world.

“Listen to me. I know you, Noah, and I can say, without a shadow of doubt, that you are not gay. It would be perfectly fine if you were but, no honey. You’re not gay.” I held his gaze for a moment and continued.

“But, do you know what I do think?” Noah gave a little shake of his head. “I think you’re… a uniquely sensitive boy…” I paused to look my son over. Brushing his hair from his eyes, resting my hand on his broad shoulders and taking in his grown body wearing his fine black suit, colorful tie and matching pocket square, it was clear.

“Sorry, …young man.” Injecting a subtle, sultry tone to the word ‘man’. I gave it a moment for my words to sink in before continuing.

“Noah, you know what an empath is, right?” I asked. Noah seemed to be recalling something familiar as I explained.

“An empath is someone with a lot of empathy. Meaning, they are very sensitive to the feelings of others.” I explained. I could see Noah was carefully considering what I was saying. I know he knew the the words and their definitions. I was pretty sure what he was considering were the implications for himself. I could always tell when his gears were turning.

“It’s kind of rare these days and even rarer among boys… uh, men, in general.” I was constantly caressing Noah’s face, shoulders and back as I spoke. “A lot of people think, that if someone is sensitive… empathetic, then they must be gay. The way our society is nowadays doesn’t help either. And it’s even worse in high school.”

Noah simply nodded and started to hang his head in resignation. I can only imagine what dismal future he was predicting for himself. You have to understand, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, I wouldn’t do for my son. I know I won’t be able to fix all of the problems he will face in his life but I was not about to let some young, insensitive, selfish, deceitful, horny high school girl take away my boy’s confidence or crush his spirit. And that’s when the idea popped in my head.

The funny thing is, I should have been at least a little repulsed by the idea but I wasn’t. Not even a little bit. I didn’t even hesitate. I’m not a rash or impulsive woman but, even though I had just made a split-second decision, few decisions in my life have felt this right.

“Come on.“ I said as I stood and pulled Noah to his feet. “Let’s have a snack and then I want to give you a gift I was saving.”

Noah perked up a little and asked “A gift?” to which I just smiled and in an alluring tone said. “You’ll see.”

As I fixed a snack of pizza bites I poured two glasses of wine. Handing one to Noah I raised my glass and proposed a toast. “To sensitive men…” and then, looking into Noah’s eyes, added. “And the women who love them.”

Noah blushed and gulped down half the glass. Oh, my sweet Noah. He really was an empath because I know he picked up on that. He had the exact right idea about what I was planning to do and I could tell he was wondering how he felt about it. He was conflicted, to be sure, but he wasn’t rejecting the idea. Not yet.

While we finished our snacks and wine my pussy was getting that hungry itch and my juices were starting to flow in anticipation of what was, hopefully, to come. When we were done I placed the dishes and glasses in the sink and held out my hand to Noah.

Leading him by the hand I took him to my bedroom and closed the door. If Noah had any doubts about what was about to happen they were long gone.

“Wait here. Take off your shoes, honey.” As I crossed the room to my computer and pulled up a classic ballad from my music list. The music started to play as I went back to Noah and took one hand in mine and placed the other on his shoulder as we began to dance, which was little more than swaying side to side.

“This is your prom, honey.” I said lovingly. I moved closer and pushed my bosom to his chest, my nipples were hard as I swayed to rub them against my son. But Noah was still holding back. He was trying valiantly to keep his obvious hard-on from grinding into me even as I thrust my hips into him. He was having a hard time looking me in the eyes.

His ears were practically glowing red as his cheeks flushed, Noah apologetically said “Sorry.” as I kept pushing my hips into him. He was embarrassed by his hard-on and it was so precious and heart-breaking.

I looked in his eyes and said “For what?” I let the hand on his shoulder glide down his body until I pressed it into his bulge. “This? I’m not.”

Noah immediately jumped back and seemed out of breath. “No, mom! St… stop. It… It’s… this is… wrong.” He protested.

“Who? Who says it’s wrong, Noah?” I countered, maybe a little more forcefully than I intended. This was the tipping point. If Noah did what was consistent with his nature, which was always making the “right” decision, then this night was over and I would have to repair whatever emotional damage I had done to my son. It was the only moment I had any doubts about what I was doing.

“Well… everyone. Everybody says it’s wrong. You know i… it is.” Noah sounded like someone arguing a point they didn’t believe in. “I ca… can’t let you d… do th… th… this.”

He had said ‘can’t’, not ‘won’t’’. Noah was in the middle of an internal battle of desires. One side was desperate to ‘do the right thing’ while the other side was just as desperate to let him surrender to me.

My logical mind calmly said ‘This is wrong. You should stop.’ but my heart drown it out with a voice that spoke of love, passion, and rightness. I was desperate to confess my love to my son, a love I knew was anything but ‘motherly’. Suddenly, I realized these feelings had always been there, simmering, growing underneath the layer of maternal instincts. Instincts that were rapidly fading under the weight of a desire that would not be denied.

I needed to be careful. One wrong word would send him fleeing to his bedroom. Instead, he just stood there, his eyes darting between the floor and me. He was waiting for me to convince him.

Stepping up to him I cradled his face in my hands and chose my words carefully. “Noah, honey. Listen to me. There is a real reason why it’s wrong, yes, but, it has nothing to do with religion, or morals, or feelings, or even sex. The only reason it is wrong does not apply here. It doesn’t. Understand?” Noah gave a tentative nod.

“Oh, my sweet Noah.” I said with all the tenderness in my heart. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” he said softly. I couldn’t tell if it was fear or desperate hope in his eyes. It was probably both.

“Then trust me now. I would never ever hurt you. I’ve loved you since before you were born and I will always love you.” Noah was hanging on my every word. I moved my hands to his back and pressed my body to his and tried to keep from melting when I felt his hard cock press against me, so close to where my pussy wanted it to be.

“I will never stop loving you.” God, I’ve never wanted someone so badly as I wanted my son right then. I could feel my eyes welling up with tears.

In a soothing voice full of desire I told him “And I want you to make love to me. Noah, please.” I pleaded. “I need this as much as you do. I know you want to.” His face was an odd mix of worry and desire.

A tear rolled down my cheek as I inched my lips closer to his. In barely a whisper I said “Please, baby. Don’t make me beg.”

Noah paused for only a moment then leaned into me and kissed me. We both relaxed and moaned together. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and Noah mimicked my actions. Our breathing got heavy as our passion was finally being unleashed, our moans to each other making it natural and right.

Noah put a hand between my shoulder blades and one at the small of my back as he pulled me tighter into him, moaning again. We crashed through the last barrier to everything we both wanted and needed.

After an unknown number of minutes we came up for air. “I love you, mom.” Noah said softly. “I love you too, son.” I said as I took a step back.

“And here’s the gift I promised.” I said as I opened my robe and let it fall to the floor. My body was alive and excited to finally be fully exposed to my son. According to every one of Noah’s friends, I was “hot” so I was confident that Noah would like what he was seeing. His open jaw and wide eyes just confirmed it.

At 5’9” I’d say I’m average height. I have what you would call an athletic build. Broad shoulders, with long limbs and, despite narrower hips, a full, tight ass. My C cups still stand proud with perfect pink nipples. My abs are subtle but unmistakable. My dark brown hair was disheveled, hanging just below my shoulder blades. I have wide, level, green eyes and I was blessed with naturally long, thick lashes. I have a straight nose and lips made for kissing.

Standing in front of Noah, my body was covered in a sheen of sweat. I didn’t care if… no, I wanted him to notice my soaking wet pussy as it dripped in anticipation of what it desperately needed.

Noah stuttered for words. “Ah. Uh. Wow. You… look… absolutely… stunning, mom. You’re so beautiful.” There was awe in his voice.

I stepped forward again and started undressing my son, slipping off his suit jacket and tossing it on the nearby chair. I loosened his tie and lifted it over his head, tossing it on top of the jacket. He began helping me but I shooed his hands away and told him “No, baby. Let me. Just relax and let mommy do it.”

Instead, Noah began caressing my arms and along my sides as he stared at my tits. “It’s okay, honey. I want you to touch them.” I said looking into his eyes as I was slowly unbuttoning his shirt. If I had my way I would have ripped off his clothes, threw him to the ground and fucked his brains out right there. But I wanted Noah’s first time to be unforgettable and so I took my time. My son’s cock buried balls-deep in my pussy would be my reward for my patience.

Noah caressed my tits, squeezing them and feeling their fullness, running his fingers across my hard nipples. The tenderness of his touch made it hard to concentrate. I watched my son’s face as he was fixated on my tits and could see he wanted to taste them by the way he kept licking his lips.

He had to release them as I knelt to undo his buckle and slowly, tantalizingly, unzipped his pants. I was staring into his eyes as I did so and was happy to see him smile for the first time tonight.

I then pulled his pants to the floor, revealing the tent and growing wet spot on his boxers. My mouth watered as I grabbed them by the waist band and slowly pulled them down. His cock bounced as it was released from it’s confinement. It jumped with tiny pulses that pushed out more pre-cum and sent it dribbling down his cock to his balls.

“Oohhh, very nice. This will do VERY nicely.” I purred as I stared at a nice, juicy, thick 7 inches and neatly trimmed pubic hair. I briefly ran my hand over his cock, making it jump, before gently cupping his balls. As I let his boxers fall to the floor I looked up to see Noah still smiling and blushing something fierce.

I held each sock as Noah stepped out of them. Then, I stood up quickly, making my tits bounce in front of him and gave Noah a full, wet kiss, pressing my naked body against his before I told him “Go lie down on the bed and close your eyes, baby.”

I watched my son, erect cock swinging, as he walked to the bed, climbed up, laid on his back and with a glance at me, closed his eyes.

I was pretty sure the next thing I did would have my son cumming within seconds and I wanted that to happen deep inside me.

I climbed on the bed and over to Noah and straddled him with my dripping wet lips an inch from his cock. “You can open your eyes, baby.”

His eyes widen with excitement and anticipation as soon as he saw me hovering over him. “Ready, baby?” I asked and he nodded quickly.

I took his cock and rubbed it across my clit and slit, coating it with my lubricating juices before guiding it to the soft folds of my entrance, looking up to make sure Noah was watching his cock disappeared inside me, I slowly lowered myself on to my son. We both moaned simultaneously.

I almost lost my mind right there. It had been almost two years since I had something not made of plastic between my legs and the sensation of my son’s cock slowly filling my pussy was sublime.

Noah placed his hands on my thighs as I rose up slowly before, just as slowly, lowering myself back on his handsome cock. Noah groaned loudly. “Oh. Ohhh. That… that feels… oh, god mom…”

“Oh, Noah. Oh god… this feels so good. Oh, baby.” I moaned. I was tired of waiting. “Oh god yes. God, Noah, ohhh… Shit! Fuck!” I said as I started to bounce up and down faster on my son’s cock.

“Oh my god Noah. Mmmmm… yes, yes, oh, god, yes!” My voice was getting louder as I felt the sparks of an orgasm trying to ignite. Noah was moaning continuously now. I knew he was close to cumming when he started to thrust his hips into me.

Noah’s instincts were taking over so I held myself above him as he started furiously fucking me. The sensation was unreal. I leaned over and put my hands on the bed, his head between them. My tits were dangling just below his chin as they bounced to the rhythm of his thrusts. He took one in each hand and kneaded them like a new born kitten.

“Oh god… I’m cumming… I… mommy” Noah grunted as he pushed his hips high and his hands flew to the side. I felt his hot cum start to fill my pulsing cunt. “Fuck! Oh god! Fuck! Fuck me, baby!” I grunted, forcing all of my weight onto Noah’s pulsing cock, and then screamed when my orgasm crashed over me.

I must have sounded like a wild animal for all the primal guttural sounds I was making with each orgasmic wave. Noah growled with a look of fierce concentration as his cock pumped more and more of his warm, delicious cum into my hungry pussy. His sharp abs tightening and softening with every thrust.

Finally, after filling me to overflowing, Noah lay back down, panting as I slowly rotated my hips, grinding on his still hard cock. Noah blinked his eyes open and looked at me with a mix of love, gratitude, and desire. He had the brightest smile I’ve ever seen.

“Baby, look.” I said as I looked down at my pussy, still impaled on his cock with his cum leaking out around it as I continued to rotate my hips. Noah just stared at our union for a few moments. No doubt still trying to believe what he was seeing.

I lowered my body on top of his and kissed him deeply. “Congratulations, baby. You’re a man now. How was it?” I asked as I smiled and gave him a soft kiss. He seemed to search for the right word and finally said “Magical.”

I sat up and continued to grind away on his cock for a couple of minutes, which was not going soft. “How’re you doing, honey? Tired?” I asked. Thank god for teenage boys.

“Not at all.” Noah said as he moved his hips slightly. “Good.” I simply said with a hungry grin.

I lowered my entire body on to his again and told him what to do next. “I want you on top of me baby so just roll over with me but keep your gorgeous cock inside me, okay?” Noah nodded and said “Mm-Hmm.”

We rolled over and Noah was on top of me. It felt so good to have his young, strong body pressing down on me, his cock still rock hard and filling my ravenous pussy. I spead my legs and wrapped them around his full tight ass, pulling him into me.

“You want to keep fucking me, don’t you, baby?” I teased. “God yes… oh, god mom. It feels so good to be inside you.” Noah looked deeply into my eyes before he leaned in and kissed me with a strange mix of tenderness and passion while he slowly started thrusting his hips. Noah was slowly pulling back and easing forward, softly moaning each time his cock bottomed out, filling my pussy.

I never thought of myself as one of those kinds of women who wanted it ‘rough’ or talked dirty all the time but the thought of me fucking my own son and just how damn good it felt with his cock inside me, I just couldn’t help myself.

“Oh, god yes, Noah. That’s it. Fuck mommy.” I growled with each thrust, urging him on. “Come on, baby. That’s it. Fuck mommy good. Fuck me, baby!” Noah sped up his thrusts and was using a bit more force now.

With my legs wrapped tightly around him and my arms hugging him close to me, mashing my tits against his chest, I became a wild demanding beast.

“Yes, baby, yes! Go, yes… harder. Harder, baby!” I demanded. I put my forehead to his and shouted “Pound mommy’s cunt!” As he jack-hammered away, seconds away from flooding my pussy again with his potent sperm. My mind was racing, thrilled with the thought of doing something so ‘wrong’. But how could it be wrong when everything about Noah spoke to me? And not just at this new and unexpected physical level, but on an emotional one as well.

Whether it was his upbringing or genetics or some other divine intervention, I abruptly realized, without any embarrassment or shame, that Noah was my soul mate. He just had the misfortune of being my son. Or maybe it was fortunate. Whatever it was it didn’t matter because I had, in a matter of moments, fallen hopelessly in love with this beautiful man.

Noah himself was grunting and moaning until he let out a mighty grunt and I felt his hot cum warming my already burning pussy. He slammed his cock into me hard, our mounds mashed together. One. My body couldn’t take it any more and my vision started to fade at the edges as the most overwhelming orgasm I’ve ever had took me.

My body seized up as my pussy began squirting all over my son. My starving pussy was clenching to Noah’s cock as if my life depended on it. I let out a scream of pure ecstasy and lost control of my arms and legs. I’ve never had a full body orgasm and I truthfully don’t remember much of my first one except an overwhelming sense of pleasure and love. All I know is that I was experiencing heaven, or the next closest thing.

I think it frightened Noah, to see me convulsing while I continued to squirt my pussy cum on him. I felt him start to pull out but I desperately cried “No! Noah! Stay… stay… inside me… ooooh god… please… stay… in… side… meeeee.” I begged and he quickly buried himself in me again and held himself there. I was moaning and whimpering while my body trembled with a pleasure I’d never known. My pussy’s convulsions were furiously milking his cock for ever last drop of his incestuous cum.

It took almost two minutes before I was able to think straight again. I kissed his cheek and nodded to Noah, letting him know that I was back in control of my body. As he slowly withdrew his softening cock my body gave one last shudder. I could feel a flood of creamy white cum spilling from my pussy.

As I lay panting, Noah looked at me with concern. “Are you okay, mom? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I turned to him and was flooded with emotions. I was about to tell him I was fine when I burst into tears and pulled him tightly to me, hugging him fiercely. I was eventually able to say in his ear “I’m fine, baby. I’m fine. More than fine.”

I finally released my death hug on my son and looked at him through watery eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. What you just saw… that was me having an orgasm. The mother of all orgasms. It caught me off guard. God, I’ve never felt anything like that before. It was incredible.”

Relief spread across Noah’s face. “That wasn’t pee, either. Was it?” he asked.

“No, baby. That was just me squirting. Not many women squirt like that but when they do it means they’re having an amazing orgasm. It’s how women cum. Sort of. Understand, baby?” Noah nodded and then looked at my pussy as it continued to clench and relax, causing his cum to leak out with every contraction.

“Noah, honey…” I said as I touched his face. “You were beyond amazing. I know this was a lot to handle and you were so brave and, my god, you performed like an Olympic champion. No man has ever made me feel so good… or loved. I’m so proud of you.”

Noah had his hand cupped around my breast and was staring at me with the eyes of someone deeply in love. I pulled him in and we kissed for a minute. Tender, loving, sensual kisses.

“I love you, Noah.” I said as our lips parted. I knew there was no going back as I realized that I had said ‘I love you’ thousands of times to Noah, as my son, but now I said it to someone who had become my lover. Noah had been quiet and I asked “How are you feeling, sweetheart? Enjoying your prom so far?” I think he would say overjoyed. The lake of our combined juices on the bed sheet was proof of that. I was trying to keep the conversation going in a direction where I could confess this profound love that Noah had awakened me. Could we find a way to make this work? Would Noah even want this to continue? I would bet ‘yes’ but…

Noah hesitated. I could always tell when he had something important to say but, Noah being Noah, that wasn’t hard to see. “I love you, mom.” he said. “I know, baby.” I replied. “No, mom. I mean I “love” you.”

I suddenly realized what he was trying to say. “Are you saying you’re ‘in’ love with me, honey?” He nodded slowly, his eyes fearful of what I might say next.

“Oh, baby. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” A look of disbelief was on his face. “Really?”

“Yes, Noah. Would it surprise you to know that I’ve fallen in love with you too?” I told him.

“A little.” he admitted. “I didn’t think you could… would feel that way.” he added, surprised.

“Honestly, neither did I. It’s not something I planned on.” I paused to think as I gazed in Noah’s brown eyes. “I think it’s our unique devotion to each other; it’s always been just you and me, kid. I think it’s what helped make this possible… and why it feels right for us.” I softly said.

I went on trying to explain as much to myself as to Noah. “I’ve always thought of you as my little boy. In a way, I suppose you always will be but tonight…” I sighed. “Tonight was something very special. Magical, like you said. And it wasn’t until that moment in your bedroom when I decided to… help you, that I started to see the man you’ve become.”

“I haven’t had the best of luck with men. You probably know this.” I said.

“I know, mom.” Noah agreed with a sympathetic sadness.

I was struggling a little about what I was trying to say. “But something happened. I stopped thinking of you as my son for just a moment and I started thinking of all the things I wanted in a man. And I was surprised to see him standing right in front of me. I saw a tender, caring, loving man. Someone who is my best friend and now… my lover.” Noah was riveted. I know he understood what I was saying. We were now traveling the same path together.

“Can I ask you when you started to fall in love with me?” I asked.

“Well, I was in love with you when I was really young, of course. What little boy doesn’t want to marry his mom, but then… Uh, it was kind of gradual from about 9th grade… until last year. And I knew.”

“Knew what, honey?”

“Knew what real love is. You know, I mean real, grown-up type love. And it was you. You inspire me every day. You always have.” Noah said as he looked deep into my eyes.

I could only imagine what it must have been like for him. To be living with someone you adored and could ‘never’ be with. It must have been torture for him. And yet, he never showed any signs, not a one, that he had these feelings for me. Noah… always ready to do the right thing, even at his own suffering.

I should have guessed though, when he chose Jennifer to be his girlfriend. Her resemblance to me seemed so obvious now. Noah has always been the sweet, thoughtful, kind, considerate boy, actually a man now, that he’s always been. He just carried that burden silently and alone.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I wish I’d know sooner. You should have talked to me, honey.” I said teary-eyed.

“No. It’s okay. Things… worked out. I… I have something I thought I’d never have. I couldn’t be happier, mom.” And he kissed any regrets away.

“What happens next?” Was Noah’s next, million-dollar, question.

Softly stroking his face I said “Well, you’ll be sleeping in my bed from now on.” which brought a smile to my baby’s face. “And you should probably get used to calling me Emma, too.” I told him before leaning close to his ear and whispering “But you can still call me ‘mommy’ when we’re fucking.” which made Noah chuckle and blush.

“I have one last question for you, Noah.”

“Uh huh.”

“Will you, Noah Sinclair, be my boyfriend?” I asked. I hoped it sounded like the serious question that it was. I was letting him know that this was going to change our relationship forever from mother and son to lovers.

Gazing into my eyes, Noah answered with just as much seriousness. “Yes… yes, I will. Emma Sinclair, will you be my girlfriend?.” I know, could that have been any cheesier? To each other, it was our way of holding our own private commitment ceremony, a binding oath to each other. Physically, emotionally, and in every other way that is meaningful to a man and a woman. I was going to be ‘Noah’s’ woman. That thought sent waves of warmth through my entire body.

“Yes.” I said beaming as we kissed again to seal the deal. “We may have to send Jennifer a thank you card. If you two had taken that hotel suite I got for you, none of this would have happened.” I joked.

“I’m so happy it did. I guess I owe her.” Noah sighed. Then, we looked at each other and said, at the same time “Nah!” and laughed at Jennifer’s misfortune.

A little while later I issued my first order to my new boyfriend… “Okay, lover. Let’s get cleaned up and ready for bed. I’ll run the shower while you strip these soaked sheets and we can put on clean ones.”

‘Lover… my son. Huh. Not in a million years’ I thought smiling.

While we showered I just couldn’t help but fuck my beautiful son and new boyfriend one last time as hot water rained over our bodies.

As we fell asleep, naked and wrapped in each others arms, I couldn’t help but think of the future. A future with my son, my best friend, my lover. And if everything I hoped for came to pass…

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